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NoizeDelay Free VST Delay Plugin by Noizefield

NoizeDelay Free VST Delay Plugin by Noizefield

Noizefield in collaboration with CPS has released NoizeDelay, an advanced free multi-tap delay VST effect plugin, featuring a multi-mode filter with 4 tap delay units in one. Each tap works individually and includes individual glitch and multi-mode filter effects and a frequency shifter module.

Besides this, NoizeDelay also comes with more interesting features like frequency shifting or glitch FX. You can use this effect plugin for a wide range of purposes, from dub-delay to ping-pong delay or glitch-delay.

You can sync the NoizeDelay tempo automatically with your host-DAW tempo or set it manually at what value you want.

The user interface looks nice and clean, with a quite intuitive design. Although at first glance seems like you are dealing with too many buttons, everything is intuitive and easy to use. The interface is divided into 5 sections, a section for each “tap” and another one with some basic information about the plugin.


  • Frequency shifting
  • Glitch FX
  • Four tap delay effect
  • Multi-mode filter on each tap
  • Built-in patch manager
  • Tempo sync
  • 32-bit VST format

NoizeDelay is available for free download via Noizefield website in 32-Bit VST-plug-in format only for PC/Windows hosted DAWs (like Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Reaper, Ableton Live, BitWig Studio, MusicMaker, etc).

The developer recommends to use a PC/system with at least 4GB or RAM and a fast CPU, a dual/quad core processor or higher. The installation process is quite simple, free download the plugin file and make sure to copy/paste the .dll file in your local VST Plugins folder.

More Details/Download: NoizeDelay


NoizeDelay Free VST Delay Plugin by Noizefield
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