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How to choose microphones: the basic factors to consider

It is always hard to buy a microphone for non-savvy users. At the same time, this is a very responsible step if this is your first purchase. It can even determine your future! So it’s a big moment and should be treated appropriately. If you fail on this stage, you can refuse from the idea and will not be able to enter the magical world of sound recording and it’s truly exciting. 

Still, the reasons for confusion are clear. The assortment of mics is so huge! There are so many different types of them that you feel dizzy. You start reading microphones reviews but then feel perplexed even more than before.

There is no need to worry. You should just narrow down your search with a couple of simple questions.

How much money are you going to spend?

It is recommended to decide upon the budget before you start shopping. This will not only show you the right direction but will help to get the most of the offers presented on the market. It is worth noting that budgets for the newbies and advanced users differ considerably. 

Determine the object you are going to record

The intended use is a very important aspect that makes the selection of mics less extensive. 

  • If you play the guitar or acoustic instruments, you may need a cardioid microphone. It captures the sound in front of the instrument, suppressing noise from other parts of the room. 
  • If you are a vlogger and want to record the interview, the bidirectional mic will showcase better quality. 
  • If you are a streaming gamer then the cardioid microphone is the best solution. It focuses on your voice rejecting unwanted sounds such as keyboard or mouse noise.

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If you do not know how to choose the microphones but follow this guidance, then it is much easier to find the right one after you determine the budget, intended use and start reading microphones reviews with a focus upon the particular pattern, for instance, cardioid. Let us say, you are a vocalist and need a mic for recording vocals. So, you know the amount you are going to spend on it and the intended use. These factors define directions for you and you can determine where to find the mic that suits you. 

In general, there are several basic types of mics:

  • Omnidirectional, which captures the comprehensive sound of the whole room or space;
  • Cardioid, capturing sound from the heart-shaped area (front, a bit of rear and two sides);
  • Bidirectional, picking up sound in front of the source and its back.

Alongside them, there are also multi-pattern mics that are good for situations when you are going to use the hardware for different purposes. The user just switches the pattern applicable in this or that situation. 

It is also important to consider the conditions of the place where you are going to record. Some mics perform well in a fully treated space only. There are a lot of microphones reviews revealing the way the mics work. If you read that the mike picks up everything around and you don’t have treated room at your disposal, just the open space with much noise in the background, it’s better to choose microphones of other pickup patterns.

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How to choose microphones: the basic factors to consider
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