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5 Simple Production Tips

5 Simple Production Tips

5 Simple Production Tips

1. Know your sounds.

This might seem obvious, but I’ve been in many a writing session where the producer has spent hours looking for “the perfect” bass/ snare drum. This is a waste of your time and the writers who you may be working with.  Studio one has some great workflows and instruments, if you  work from a more loop based workflow, make sure that you know where all your loops are. Create a folder on your hard drive and have all of your loops categorized etc.  If you work with a more traditional workflow learn what sound sets are appropriate for the style of production you are going to be working on.

2. Learn your software

One of the biggest inspiration killers in a writing session is the producer trying to workout how to do this or fix that. Whatever DAW you use, make sure that you don’t need to reference the manual during a session. We all have weaknesses in our knowledge, take time out of your week In your downtime to learn how to rectify them.  Here’s a little tip, our search bar on this site is a great place to start. 🙂

3. Make sure your studio is tidy and working properly.

No one is going to come back to work with you if your gear isn’t working properly.  If you know that you have a dodgy lead or a broken microphone or a dodgy preamp, get it fixed.  Before the session begins you need to be sure that the vocal chain is working correctly. In addition, you also need to Know how to create a good headphone mix.

4. Prepare a track or two

This one is extremely simple, If you are a producer, make sure you come to the session with an idea or two laid down, this can help spark creativity.  Even if it’s not perfect, its a starting point, and you can change things as you go, but at least you have some ideas ready to be worked on.

5. Make sure that you have NOT dug yourself into a hole

This is easy to do, say you have bounced down all your instruments to audio and have no way of being able to change the key/ tempo and chord progression. Studio One has a great function where you can transform your instrument tracks to rendered audio whilst being able to quickly switch the track back to midi for further editing should you need too.


5 Simple Production Tips
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